Rihanna & Teyana Taylor

Rihanna and Teyana Taylor have long gotten comparisons to one another because of their similar looks, especially when Rihanna started getting more heavily into fashion in 2007/2008. There was even rumors of a Drake/Teyana romance (much like the previous Drake/Rihanna romance,) but things always seemed to be cool between the ladies, despite the media trying to pit them against each other as usual. Unfortunately things seem to have went awry today, as Rihanna pulled one of her typical stunts (sorry, I love her…but she is the shade queen!) and threw a pretty crazy sub Teyana’s way.

Here’s what went down: Recently, Teyana posted a video of herself singing a part of “Caught In The Rapture” on Instagram, sporting her signature curly hair and snapback. A few hours ago, Rihanna posted a video of her gay hair stylist, sporting a curly wig, a snapback and singing the very same part, captioned, “B*tches be like…yasssss.” Rih’s “Navy” argues that she posts silly videos of her hair stylist all the time, but puh-lease. This is CLEARLY a direct shot at Tey, and I’m not quite sure why! Check out what Tey had to say in the gallery. The videos to compare are below.

Marisa Mendez