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A few days ago Fred Smoot sounded off on the Washington Redskins. He called his Robert Griffin III a ‘brat’ and coach Shanahan ‘Red Lobster.’ So what does RG3 think about those comments?! He reacted in a recent interview…



Via USA:

Robert Griffin III brushed aside former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot’s disparaging radio swipe that RG3 sometimes “can be a brat,” saying, “That’s just stuff that you’ve got to ignore.”

Smoot, who also called Redskins coach Mike Shanahan “Red Lobster,” added, “I’m watching these other quarterbacks and how they compose themselves and with (Andrew) Luck and (Russell) Wilson, it’s a different vibe (than with Griffin).”

Smoot also said he believes Griffin and Shanahan don’t get along.

RG3 said he didn’t give Smoot’s pointed remarks a second thought. He said he has learned criticism “comes with the territory of being a quarterback in the NFL. There’s going to be criticism. You’ve got to be able to stand tall, look the criticism in the face, let the adversity know you’re not going anywhere.

“And that’s what this team has to do. And that’s what we’re going to do.”



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