It seems as though Android is the ‘on the low King of Malware/mobile virus’. I’ve been watching this the last couple of days and it’s getting a lot of circulation, so it’s time for a stern ‘WARNING’ *Dj Camilo Voice*

Tat Wza

Ok incase you didn’t know, iMessage uses Apple servers to connect apple devices for text chatting. iMessage for Android seems to be using a Mac Mini on it’s back end to accomplish the transfer of messaging between iOS/Mac OS devices. Now how here’s the issue, the fake iMessage is storing data from the Apple ID accounts it interacts with, so if you have credit/Debit card info attached to your Apple ID account(which most people do, It’s holding on to that, and IF someone chooses, Identity Theft is a strong possibility!!

Google Play has pulled this App, so those that didn’t get it are safe, but those that did, “This goes Out to You…You, You, and You”