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Rapper/Producer Joey Fatts has been on the scene since 2012 and since then he has been known as one of the top emerging artist from out of the West Coast producing for some of the top in the game. His latest mixtape Chipper Jones Vol. 2 is his best work to date. He has his own clothing line that is booming called “Cutthroat Gear”. I got the opportunity to sit and chat with the artist about his Cutthroat Gear and who his fashion influences are & more.

Q: Who are your Fashion influences? I see that you have your own line with the Cutthroat Gear. What influenced you to create a clothing line?

A: My Fashion Influences is Asap Rocky my brother ,Ugly Flacko is what I call him he taught me everything. Having the opportunity as an artist we don’t make money off of albums we only make money off of shows and merchandise. Being with ASAP he helps me gain different ideas and teaches me how to make things marketable.

Q: What does style mean to you?
A: My definition is just be fly, be you and if you happy and you feel fly, you fly.

Q: Where can we purchase your cutthroat Gear and where online will we be able to purchase it? Will you be re-stocking on gear?
A: I want to keep the gear very limited. I want it to be a very rare collection. So there will not be no re-stocking on the gear. I have a fall capsule collection coming very soon that will feature sweaters beanies and crew necks.

Q: After releasing your first official mixtape Chipper Jones Vol. 2. , what will be your next move in the industry as a producer and artist? If you had to choose (or invent) the genre that best describes the music you make, what would it be?

A: I’m working on the ASAP Mob album, Rocky Album, I’m also working with Aston Matthews on his mixtape A$ton:316. I’m also working on promoting my brand Cutthroat getting it more out there and I’m also working on my upcoming mixtape ‘Born Broke Die Rich” which should be out in November depending on how things work out. My genre I would say would be I don’t have a genre (laughs) I’m just myself, I don’t sound like any other rapper out there.

Q: Coming from Long Beach who were your influences throughout music? Who did you listen to most coming up as a child?

A: My two older brothers, I listened to the Hot Boys, B.G. Lil Wayne , Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound and 2pac was also a heavy influence.

This wraps up my interview with rapper Joey Fatts! Thanks so much for your time Joey!

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Interviewed by Ajrashed