Every since Diddy announced that he would be launching his own television network, it’s been a movie! Fans have shown their appreciation via SM, multiple sites have used videos and other information from ReVolt TV as a source, and it’s only the beginning!
The Bad Boy mogul talks to Advertising Age [Ad Age] about the network, and what’s to come with it. Diddy says that Revolt TV will not just be the channel for hip-hop music, but, “electronic dance music and pop,” are some of the other genres we can look forward to. Sean Combs also admits to being on, “a mission to bring back rock n’ roll. Everyone is welcome.”
Hit the jump for more revelations – from the words of Combs himself.

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When asked what he wants the network to, “emulate,” Diddy states, “We aspire to be the ESPN, CNN of music, Fox News if you are a Republican — we want to be taken seriously. We want people to have fun, but want them to take us seriously.” The new music television network?! I think he has something going here, but come with something different, Diddy – MTV is no longer, JUST music television, and BET…another story.
The channel created for the new generation will be aired October 21 in 20-30MiL+ Comcast and Time Warner Cable homes.

Advertising Age: What void do you believe Revolt will fill? Why is this the right time to launch a music network?

Sean Combs: The overall dream is not just to be a music TV network. We want to be the No. 1 music brand. Currently, music doesn’t have one central headquarters. We don’t have our ESPN of music, our CNN of music, our Golf Channel of music. We want to be a home for artists who are now homeless. Right now, if Jay Z has a great idea for a video, he has to premiere it on HBO because at least it’s cool. Revolt is designed to be a home for the next generation of musical artists, and we are investing in the artists and fans of the future. Revolt is for artists, by artists. This won’t just be the P. Diddy network.

Ad Age: Why should brands align themselves with music?

Mr. Combs: Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world. It brings us all together. Even religion separates us, but a hit record unites us across religious beliefs, race, politics. If brands align themselves with music, they align themselves with the elusive community of millennials. We offer advertisers not only a partnership, but a way to understand millennials. Some agencies have extremely smart people, but with all due respect, don’t know how to talk to millennials. Just look at the name “millennials.” That name that they call them isn’t cool enough for them. At Revolt, we call them young men and young women; young people — it’s more personal.
The No. 1 thing is credibility and truth. We won’t align ourselves with an advertiser or artist unless it is credible and the truth no matter what. We have over 100 people working for us now and in every department across the company we pledge allegiance to the brand. You can never go wrong when you stay true to the brand. It’s not just about us making money; it’s about us making music.
I look forward to making history with brands. I don’t just want a business relationship with brands; I want to partner and create things people will remember forever.