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Leave it to Fif to try to expose some interesting info regarding Floyd Mayweather & Ray J (which makes me wonder if he’s still part of The Money Team?!).  While Floyd recently revealed that he is infact still engaged to Ms. Jackson, there was rumors that he was dating a woman named “Queen Princess Love” (and let’s not forget the recent Lil Kim rumors too).
Floyd’s been rumored to be linked to a number of women (even while engaged), but there’s never been any kind of confirmation.  The only one he’s ever claimed is Ms. Jackson (as far as I can recall) for the past couple years.  There was a point recently when they reportedly broke up and that’s when he was dating and gifting this “Queen Princess Love.”   Here’s where 50 Cent comes in.  He took to Twitter the other day to share that Floyd AND Ray J BOTH have been f*cking this woman AND there’s other proof as well — that comes from Nicki Minaj (not on purpose)!
So crazy.  SMH. Lol. Check it out…



(“T.H.O.T” stands for “That Ho Over There” for those that didn’t know)


Via BA:

…Don’t take 50’s word for it, Nicki Minaj accidently spilled the tea months ago

Look familiar?