Photos will always get you! Lol. Damn b. Well now we know that it’s true!  Earlier this week 50 Cent put a woman named Queen Princess Love on blast for allegedly f*cking Floyd Mayweather & Ray J at the same time!
Floyd responded to the news with a message of his own — then Queen Princess Love clapped back  — and now that leads us to today with the proof.  Photos of Ray J and Ms. Love … in BED. Goodness. SMH.  I’m still wondering what Ray J has to say about all this?!
Check it out…






Via MTO:

In the EXCLUSIVE IMAGES . . . it shows Ray J and her kissing and hugging up in the bed. These photos were taken, we’re told, while she was dating Floyd Mayweather . . . and accepting his GENEROSITY.

Floyd met Princess while she was “dancing” at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. The two hit it off and Money May immediately spoiled her rotten . . . buying her anything and everything her heart desired. Dude gave her money, fame . . . and some CHAMPIONSHIP D*CK. And in return . . . she pulled a SCANDAL MOVE on him.