If you are a Yankees fan right now you do not have much to be happy about. The team missed the playoffs for only the second time in the past 19 seasons. The best closer in the history of the game, Mariano Rivera just retired from your team. There was controversy surrounding the team the entire season with the A-Rod situation and key players just seemed to be injured all year long. Now the biggest off season problem is what to do with all the free agents the Yankees are going to have, specifically Robinson Cano. Is there another team out there who might have their eyes on Cano? Hit the jump for more.


There were only two teams this season with a payroll over $200 million dollars. The Yankees were one, and the Dodgers were the other. Ever since Magic Johnson came aboard as an owner, the Dodgers have been very active in going after free agents. They have shown they are willing to spend money to put a good team out on the field. The Dodgers say their priority this off season will be to resign the best pitcher in the game at the moment in Clayton Kershaw, but Magic made mention of Robinson Cano without being asked. “I can’t talk about the other guy, but you already know that guy in New York is going to be paid. Not by us. But he’s going to get paid.” He might deny it, but the simple fact he even brought up Cano’s name could be a worry to Yanks fans. We all know Cano is looking for a huge contract, and even if he doesn’t wind up around the $300 million dollar mark that he wants, the Dodgers could afford to go after him and keep him in a big media market similar to New York. The majority of the Yankees good players are all free agents now. It will just depend on how they handle the Cano situation. They already have to anticipate not having A-Rod at some point once his suspension is eventually upheld. Could be a real cold winter for Yankees fans.