Lebron James has conquered the NBA. After years of people hating on him, trying to put him down, whether you like it or not he is the undisputed King of the NBA right now. Until today, I never realized he is also the King of twitter when it comes to athletes in America. I guess everybody wants to be down with the king. Hit the jump for more.


Lebron is about to pass a pretty big milestone on twitter. At his current pace of followers, he should hit the 10,000,000 mark sometime this month! He is about to have 10 million followers while I am just sitting here like “yo, can I get a thousand?” That number puts him as the most followed athlete in the U.S. by far, and the third most followed athlete in the world. The only 2 athletes ahead of him are soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) and Kaka (@kaka), yes for those who don’t know his real name is KaKa! Outside of the U.S. soccer players are like God. Bron’s current follower number is at 9,932,327, which ranks him 65th in the world of all people. He is just behind Kanye West, and just ahead of Diddy and Christina Aguilera. He is one of the only people in the top 100 for followers that does not let anyone else access his account for him. We all know most entertainers and athletes who have alot of followers usually are not the ones tweeting themselves. “That’s who I am,” James said. “I’m an authentic person, man. I wanted to be able to interact with my fans on a personal level. Obviously, I know I can’t touch all my fans—and how amazing that would be if I could. But what social media has done, it’s allowed me to do that. It’s allowed me to keep them aware of what I’m doing, through Facebook, through Instagram and through Twitter. So I think it’s pretty cool.” Justin Bieber is currently #1 in the world with over 45 million followers. When Bron was asked about catching him he said “No, I don’t think I can get there, but we’ll see.”