Can you believe this ish?! Who would have thought that when Miley Cyrus threw on a teddy bear/cow (what ever animal) onesie, and wiggled her lil booty on camera, it would have turned into such a blow-up! This just tops it all though… Instead of a bobble-head, HERObuilder.com has created a bobble-BUTT figurine of Miley Cyrus – of that oh-so famous MTV performance. Yes, bent over, tounge hanging out her mouth-type figurine, and the a** shakes – more then the actual Miley! Too funny!
The company’s founder, Emil Vicale told RadarOnline.com, “We’ve been working on it for about two weeks.” The jiggling booty toy will cost about $29.95 and only 5,000 units will be sold – limited edition on ’em! LOL! Hit the jump and check it out for yourself.

JaaiR (JR)

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