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Designer Sergio Scott for Nineteenth Letter Chicago has been putting in that work and he has just released the very popular “Tabloid Tee” that everybody and they momma would like to get their hands on. The tee features a collage of various tabloid paparazzi covers. Designer Sergio Scott wanted to design something that would capture the attention of whoever looked at it. From the looks of it, that mission is complete. He wanted to illustrate the power of the word and the destructive power of exaggerated gossip.

He noticed that most tabloid magazines often used loud colors and large lettering to lure readers and peek their interests, so he considered them a excellent primal example of effective marketing and successful graphic design. Sergio has been reading the magazine ever since 2nd grade, a great way of incorporating a little something of his upbringing into the brand. The tee is so eye-catching that you will demand attention without even wanting the attention “you get it”. The tee is sick and if I was you I would have some money saved up to purchase this tee. The tee is currently sold out but will be re-stocking. Sergio has another release this weekend that I will also give you updates on. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the “Tabloid Tee”.

Where To Purchase: Nineteenth Letter Chicago

Price: $55 (Free Shipping)

Written by Ajrashed