IFWT Royce White

Royce White’s anxiety disorder has been the center of attention since he was drafted 16th overall by the Houston Rockets in 2012.  Fast forward and White still hasn’t played in an NBA game due to his disorder preventing him from flying and various discrepancies with the Rockets organization.  They eventually traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers and things seemed to look up as White said he would travel with the team including a trip to Spain.  Well White didn’t make the voyage and Sixers head coach Brett Brown has an explanation.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown explained why Royce White wasn’t among the 14 players to fly to Spain on Thursday.

“It really was just based on our team doctor giving me and [general manager] Sam [Hinkie] and the club advice that it may be best for him to remain at home,” Sixers coach Brett Brown said of White’s absence. “You know we are with him. We will support and help him.”

It remains to be seen if White’s well-publicized anxiety disorder will cause him to miss games once the regular season starts, but we can only hope that the second-year forward finds a way. Philadelphia presents as good of an opportunity as he would find anywhere else in the league, and with Arnett Moultrie expected out until January White has a chance to be a key part of the rotation with the 76ers.