undercover cops did nothing to help suv driver

There has been an alarming update to the biker brawl that took place on the Westside Highway. An undercover officer, riding with the bikers, stood by and did not intervene as a man was brutally beaten by members of his crew! The officer, who feared blowing his cover, watched motorcyclists pull Alexian Lien out of his Range Rover and proceeded to give him a beat down, that ended in a slashing near W. 178th Street. To read more and see pictures, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Police say that the undercover officer was not investigating any of the bikers but thought by joining the crew, he could fish for information. The detective fled the scene, once the police were on their way and people came to the driver’s aid. He did not inform his superiors about the incident for several days because he feared getting fired and losing his pension. Several people involved in the angry mob has came forward. The biker who pulled Lien from his SUV and initiated the attack, Reggie Chance, turned himself in to authorities on Friday along with Robert Sims, who attempted to open one of it’s doors prior on the highway. Footage shows Chance breaking Lien’s Range Rover window with his helmet before the video ends and assault begins. Christopher Cruz, who was hit by Lien after purposely stopping short, has also been charged. Edwin Mieses, who was ran over by the Range Rover as it tried to escape the mob, is in critical condition and may be paralyzed for life. His lawyer, Gloria Allred, defends her client and says he became a victim after trying to diffuse the situation. See Allred’s statement in below’s video.

SMFH! Could this whole incident have been avoided if the detective would have blown his cover and called for help?