It has been 2 long and reflective year since the late Great Steve Jobs left us down here on earth. It’s almost impossible to really understand how much Mr. Jobs contributed to the evolution and advancement of the human race as a whole.

Tat Wza

*Enjoy Some Key Moments From Steve Jobs In The Gallery*

Born to the world as Steven Paul on Febuary in 1955, and by the time he grew into Steve Jobs he was ready to shape the Tech world even as we know it today. Last week, appropriate timing, Apple became THE #1 brand in the world, a title that Coca-Cola held for over 13 years.

Steve Jobs did not only help spark the PC revolution, he also helped the movie world immensely, on the board of Disney, and Starting Pixar by getting the graphics department of LucasFilm(yeah that little company that made “Star Wars”).

Damn it I’m tearing up, the world has lost one of it’s greatest visionaries of ALL time, and I don’t care if you call me a fan boy, He was the Best at what he did, no matter what he did.

This Post is not the end all be all about Steve Jobs, Just how I feel about him…Hope you do to.