After video footage went viral of Atlantic City police officers kicking 20-year-old Connor Castellani out of a casino for being under-age, a lot of questions have been raised. After they let the kid go, a huge altercation began between Connor and the officers, which led them to use excessive force.

Not only did they brutally beat the college student up for no apparent reason, but they even released the K-9 unit on Mr. Castellani, leaving bruises and permanent scars all over his body and face.

However, Atlantic City Police Chief Ernest Jubilee found nothing wrong or disturbing about the video surveillance of his officers acting out on the young man. He told NBC, “I saw the tape and I saw no reason to suspend or remove the officers from their regular duties.”

Check out the disturbing video footage below and let us know your thoughts on the controversial issue.


Castellani was arrested for aggravated assault, and the police are claiming that he “punched an officer” and “choked the police dog.” Although the young man does appear to be yelling back at the police from across the street before the attack began, were they justified to beat him so bad?

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is caught on camera yelling back at the police, was it necessary for the officers to beat him up so badly?