The date – October 21 – is nearing, and soon we’ll have another 24hr music channel. Diddy has done wonders with the publicity for Revolt TV and possible viewers are taking a liking of what’s to come. He’s sent out a world-wide message to get new and fresh faces for the network, and even though these three faces are so new, they seem to be fresh. Hit the jump and check out the generation of Revolt.

JaaiR (JR)

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These kids are not strangers to the lime-light, so I’m sure the camera will love them. Diddy’s son, Christian along with Kylie Jenner and Lil Twist will be involved in, “promos, appear on the various shows and build up hype with social media,” for the music network. One of Quincy Jones’ children may get a piece of this pie as well. Well see…for now, good luck!