Ohhhh so we didn’t have the FULL story!!  This makes more sense.  Remember last week when we shared the story of 50 Cent putting a woman named Queen Princess Love on blast for allegedly f*cking Floyd Mayweather & Ray J at the same time?!  Floyd responded to the news with a message of his own — then Queen Princess Love clapped back  — and then there was the proof.  She was one of Mayweather’s side pieces (he only claims Ms. Jackson).

All of that leads us to this story.  When Floyd took to Instagram with his message it wasn’t just because of Ray J.  Apparently he was robbed the night of his fight against Alvarez!  And it gets better — that robbery was allegedly set up by this same woman!!!  If this story is true, Money better start really watching who he’s allowing into The Money Team. Beauty can be so deceiving. SMH.
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Via LarryBrownSports:

A connected source tells Larry Brown Sports that one of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept. 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our source says about eight Rolex watches, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home. Mayweather owns multiple properties in the Las Vegas area, and we’re told the home that was robbed is where Princess Love was staying.

Princess Love apparently tried pinning the burglary on one of her friends, but Floyd got in contact with that woman. The woman spilled to Floyd that Princess organized the robbery. She also apparently told Floyd that Princess was having an affair with Ray J, which is the first Mayweather learned of the relationship.

According to a source, this might not be the first time Princess Love has done something like this. We’re told that years ago, she had a boyfriend who stashed large amounts of cash at her home, and that money went missing.