I understand that the NFL has rules for a reason, but they really should make exceptions on a case by case basis.  As most fans have seen, the NFL helps raise breast cancer awareness every October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sporting pink gear.  Well Brandon Marshall wanted to wear the green cleats for tonight’s game in order to promote Mental Illness Awareness Week and the NFL said no.  As it turns out, the NFL changed their mind and will allow it — but not without a fine.  What?!  Yep, BUT Brandon plans on turning that fine into something better.  Check it out…




Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall will wear green shoes in Thursday night’s game against the New York Giants, promising to double the fine that is sure to come for violating the NFL’s uniform policy.

Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2011. In going green, Marshall is sensitive about not wanting to steal the thunder of the message being sent by those wearing pink.

“I’m going to get fined and I’m going to match that, and we want to partner with a cancer-care [charity],” Marshall said. “We’re still working on the details to give, really give back to an organization that is doing work in the mental health area. [Also], the diagnosis of breast cancer can hit families hard. It affects all of us.”

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