Ain’t no tellin’ what he’ll do for the paper. Rich Homie Quan and a few other breakthrough artists sat down with The Fader to discuss some of their early jobs before music. The stories add much more reason for them being where they are because none of the jobs seem as fulfilling as their music. Hit the jump and check out what he has to say.

From Issue 88, the Rich Homie says this of his first job:

When I was in the 11th grade, I worked at Six Flags Over Georgia in the food department. They had me on the grill, cooking, washing off tables. You have to start somewhere. We had these neon green shirts—like a highlighter. They said they got them so bright so they could always identify where we were. And we had Six Flags khakis—they had to give them to you, and they sewed them shut so you can’t have any pockets. All your pants are sewed, so you can’t walk in with no phone, no jewelry. You can’t even have no mustache! You can’t even work there with facial hair, like you’re really in jail. The people over where we had to catch the train going home were robbing the people who worked at Six Flags for their checks, cause they knew we were getting paid every Friday, and knew who you were from those loud green shirts. So I stopped going.

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Jamaal Fisher