So this guy, although he posted the photos on facebook right after he murdered her, has pled not guilty. The only reason this is even news is because this happened in Florida, and we all know that state is F*** up!!

Tat Wza

On August 8th, the day after the murder, Derek Medina made a statement on videotape. He told the police he feared for his life, as his fiancé(27yr old Jennifer Alonso) began throwing items like boxes, shoes, and makeup. After the Punch, yes she started punching him, then she picked up a knife. Now for the kicker is he said he disarmed her, put the knife in a kitchen draw, then she started hitting him again and that’s when she started shooting. About 7 or 8 shots were fired.
An autopsy was performed and determined Alonso was on her knees at the time she was shot, which doesn’t look good for Medina as it contradicts his story. Also Medina as we know did not call 911 right away because he took the time to take a picture and put it on FB.

But like I said it’s the state of Florida, so we won’t know what’s gonna happen until it does.

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Source: AP