Unfortunately in the digital age people take things and run with it without doing any kind of research what so ever.  I’ve posted multiple times that Adrian Peterson Jr. is not the child involved and he is in fact alive and well.  Still people are tweeting, instagramming and sharing various photos of AP Jr. with angel wings and RIP wishes.  Adrian Peterson is asking that they please stop.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

The name of the deceased child is still being withheld but it is reported to be a “love” child with a woman named Ashley Ann Doohen.  Peterson only recently learned of the child existence and in fact met him for the first time while the child was on life support.

Many people thought it was Adrian Peterson Jr. who AP is often photographed with.  I can only imagine how AP and AP. Jr’s mother feels with people posting pictures of their alive and healthy son.  Both took to their twitter accounts to share their feelings.