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Forecasters are saying BB users should prep to get another device, as BB services could come to an end in the next 12 months. Choosing 1 of the top 3 would prob be best, iOS, Android or Windows(Biggie, Jay Z, or Nas). The issue is getting those users up to 2013/2014 speed. If you have gone from a BB to one of the aforementioned OS’s, you know it’s not a hard transition, but it def is something you’d have to take your time with.

Tat Wza

The trick is to look at the things you like most about your BB and see which OS offers that or closest to it. Now I know for a fact whichever OS you chose, will offer way more than what BB does, but also think about your inner circle! I doubt most of the people around you still have a BB as well, so see what your friends and family are using, get their advice on how they feel about what they’re using, also to say how you communicate with each other, like if iOS, iMessage is Dope, but if Android the ease of having all your google apps(Gmail, Calendar, voice, maps, youtube), and Windows possibly the use of your Xbox in your phone, and of course Office.

BBM should be hitting the App stores(at least iOS and Android) soon, so you won’t really be missing that. Whatever you chose, keep an open mind as an open mind will let you explore the real possibilities of what tech can do now! As for the keys, what most people have stayed with a BB for, I can give you my advice. It’s a matter of reteaching yourself, I also had to move from a BB(like 3 years ago), and at 1st I was like damn, but after about a month, it was like breathing, it just happened!! So one last thing, get ready for Instagram!!!