IFWT_ Renaldo Balkman 3

I am all about tattoos, but this is crazy.  I can’t even imagine what that must of felt like?!  Eyelid tats?!  Really?!  Nah son, I’ll pass on that.  No this isn’t new news, Renaldo Balkman has had these eyelid tattoos — what is a little surprising is how people are more accepting of it.  While a lot of athletes (and people in general) have tattoos, there are many that judge a person from it.  So what does Rick Carlisle think of his player’s eyelid tats?!  His reaction is great…





Via YahooSports:

Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle, for instance, sees Renaldo Balkman’s eyelid tats as a mark of character. From Eddie Sefko for The Dallas Morning News(via PBT):

The Mavericks’ forward, who is trying to cash in on his long-shot chance of making the final roster, has the words “hustle” and “harder” inked onto right and left eyelid, respectively. Those words embody his philosophy on basketball, not to mention speaking highly of his ability to handle pain.

Asked for his first thoughts on the dreadlocked, multi-tattooed former first-round draft pick of the New York Knicks, coach Rick Carlisle said: “My first thoughts? I like his hairdo. And I like his tattoos a lot. There’s a lot of storytelling going on there.

“You know he’s got a high pain tolerance if he’s got tattoos on his eyelids. All that stuff impresses me before we even start talking about his game. That’s why I liked [DeShawn] Stevenson.”

As Carlisle likes to say, you can’t have a whole team full of milk-drinkers. You need a few guys who live just a little closer to the edge.