This is going to be a major episode of Juan Epstein. Elliot Wilson and B Dot from Rap Radar stop by to talk to the fellows of Juan Epstein, and there has been a conversation brewing between B Dot and Ebro, and this being the 1st time they’ve come face to face(at least on camera), it feels like it got hectic.

Tat Wza

Now this is the trailer, but as you can see in the video, the full length will be something you cats got ta see.

Since this is a trailer, I have to say we don’t know how the encounter will end yet, but as an employee of Emmis Communications/Hot 97, it is offensive to hear somebody that doesn’t really know the inner workings of a radio station, much less Hot 97, does’t know how hard the Dj’s, Jocks, producers, and the regular staff work to make Hot 97 so dope(Valuable to Artists that want that airtime). All that to say, I’m not sure this will end well.