Can’t say I’m shocked by this poll taken by NBA players, but I am a little surprised that out of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & LeBron — one of these players got NO votes.  Zip, zero, none.  Ouch.
Check out what players thought about MJ, Kobe & Bron taking the last shot in a game…




While almost one-quarter of the 26 players who participated in an ESPN The Magazine poll think LeBron James will finish as the best NBA player ever, none of them would want him taking the last shot if Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were also on the floor.

James received decidedly mixed reviews from the players, all of whom were granted anonymity, in the poll conducted for the magazine’s NBA preview issue.

Asked which player they wanted to take the last shot with the clock winding down and a game on the line, 88 percent of the players picked Jordan, with Bryant getting the other 12 percent.

“That’s like ranking the shortest giant,” an Eastern Conference guard said. “I’d want the ball in LeBron’s hands at the end of the game, but I’d want him to pass to Kobe or Jordan for the last shot. And don’t forget, LeBron is not a great free throw shooter, either.”

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