IFWT_ComicConNY 201
Ok, the girls were sexy(like Coco), but let me tell you whole story! I actually forgot ComicCon was gonna be in NY last weekend, so the week before when I realized, I asked my guy Lin, and Loud Digital producer Michelle if they had a connect. Michelle immediately thought of Liz(EP for the Hip Hop Gamer), and Liz came through! So my Son(Jaden) and I went down there on Sunday and it was on!!

Tat Wza

*Scroll Through The Gallery for more Shots Of ComicConNy 2013*

*Update: Ashle Danger Pics In Gallery Above*

I can’t thank Liz and the Hip Hop Gamer enough, ComicConNY 2013 was beyond off the hook for a techie super geek like my self! I actually saw Stan Lee….that’s right Stan Lee, the owner of Marvel, I almost groupied out, but I held my composure.

When we got there and Liz got us in with our badges, we immediately went to the booth where the Hip Hop Gamer, and this is what happened:

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