After an Indian Holy Worshipper had a vision in his dream that a king showed him the path to riches, an extensive archeological search began!, hit the jump for more details!

Adriela Batista

This Friday Indian archeologists have began their own treasure hunt after a renown Hindu Holy man expressed what he believes to be a revelation of a King showing him the way to $50 billion. Action was taken after the holy man expressed his vision about the riches to an Indian government minister, who was visiting the swamis ashram last month.

And the dream goes as follows, “the spirit of King Rao, Ram Baksh Singh, who was hanged in 1858 after rising up against British colonial forces, told him to take care of the 1,000-ton treasure hidden under the late king’s fort in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh,” reports FoxNews

To Archaeologists surprise when they began searching for the hidden treasure they instantly hit a 66 feet block of metal underground! Although the investigation continues and the contents of the metal stature remains anonymous, the only way to clear the holy man’s rumors is to continue digging!

As the site becomes more popular many have come to claim their share of the possible treasure:

“If gold is really found there, we should get our share,” stated one of the king’s descendants. Navchandi Veer Pratap Singh, said Uttar Pradesh state authorities, as well as local officials, also said they had a right to the wealth.

“The treasure trove should be used for the development of the state,” local lawmaker Kuldeep Senger said. Uttar Pradesh, with a staggering population of 200 million, is one of the poorest and least developed states in India.