If the Eagles are able to beat the Dallas Cowboys this weekend without Vick, then the answer to this question is YES! I know there are many people who have love for Vick and might feel it’s blasphemous to say he needs to go, but when you look on the field it starts to become clear. Before anyone says I am crazy, hit the jump and see what I mean.


We have all loved the redemption story of Michael Vick. Ever since he paid his debt to society after the dog fighting situation and the Eagles gave him a chance to get back in the NFL, most fans have been pulling for him to succeed. Even myself, as a diehard Giants fan found myself wishing success for Vick and loving to see him make big plays since he has gotten back in the league. But when you step back and analyze strictly Vick the football player, things actually have not been that good.

Since his first full season back in the NFL, when the Eagles went 10-6, they have since gone 8-8 in 2011, and 4-12 in 2012. Granted Vick did miss some games because of injury, but that in itself is another problem. The past couple seasons he has found it hard to stay in games without being hurt. Because of the way he plays the game, Vick constantly leaves himself vulnerable to injuries. When he has been at full health, his personal stats do not really overwhelm you. Granted, you can’t blame the losing in Philly the past couple seasons completely on Vick, but when your the quarterback it just comes with the territory.

Combine all of those facts with the play of backup quarterback Nick Foles and things do not look good for Vick’s future in Philly. With new coach Chip Kelly on board this season, there is not necessarily a loyalty between Kelly and the starting QB. Vick, due to his hamstring, has ruled himself out of this Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Again another injury keeping him out. With Vick on the sideline last week, Foles led the Eagles to an impressive win against a weak Tampa Bay Bucs team, and was named NFC offensive player of the week in the process. Even the week before that against the Giants the Eagles offense did not look good while Vick was in there. When he hurt his hamstring and Foles came in, he didn’t play great, but the offense definitely seemed to function better against the Giants when Foles was playing instead of Vick.

So what happens now? If Nick Foles plays another solid game and the Eagles win, I believe it will be very hard for coach Kelly to go back to starting Vick. Before his injury, the Eagles offense was among the best in the league as far as total yards. However, that is due in part to the number of plays they run each game, not necessarily due to what Vick was doing on the field. Foles has shown he is also very capable of running the up-tempo style as well. Even last season when Foles was needed to step in for Vick, he played pretty well at times, even though the overall record wouldn’t show that. Vick has never been a great passing quarterback to begin with. His athleticism is what made him a good NFL player, but with constant injuries and age slowly creeping up on him, it has become clear he is past his prime and it is time for a change. Like I said earlier, many of us have been pulling for Vick, but the best spot for him to help the Eagles succeed could be from the sidelines.