american wannabe terrorist

25 year old Marcos Alonso Zea was arrested this morning on multiple terrorist charges at his parents’ Long Island home. Authorities claim that Zea, who was born here in America, had plans on joining an al Qaeda terrorist group in Yemen. Smh! To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Some of the charges Zea face are: conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and obstruction.
This is what U.S. Attorney, Loretta Lynch, said in a statement:

“Despite being born and raised in the United States, Zea allegedly betrayed his country and attempted to travel to Yemen in order to join a terrorist organization and commit murder. When that plan was thwarted, Zea continued to support terrorism by assisting his co-conspirator’s efforts to travel to Yemen to fight violent jihad.”

Both parents, of the al Qaeda wannabe, are of Guatemalan descent and were completely shocked by the allegations. On January 4th, Zeas flew from JFK to Yemen to join al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, also know as Ansar-al-Sharia. He was intercepted by authorities,who suspect he is connected to another similiar terrorism arrest.

Jesus take the wheel.