The Currency Hat by Alot (A Life Over Time) has been one of the most talked about hats on the market. The hat features a full block logo in front with a hash tag on the side to poke fun at all the Been Trill bandwagoners. The yen sign is one of their main off set logos and it symbolizes the richness of life that the brand deprives themselves of. The hashtag in front of it also represents that the yen will be trending in the near future, to the point where it will be on the same level as the US dollar. The hat is definitely an eye-catcher and very precise, it will give you exactly what you were looking for. The price of the hat is set at a price of $30. The brand will be re-stocking very soon. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the “Currency Hat” by ALOT.

Where To Purchase: Alot

Price Of Hat: $30

Written by Ajrashed