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In the last few days, I’ve seen so many people posting these types of images on IG, and for me IG is always a way to see what new app is doing well. This app seems like it was made specifically for IG, but it’s actually self contained as it’s own community, which is pretty dope!

Tat Wza

The App known as Bitstrips is the new rage(Yet has been around for a good ‘Bit’). Now although great for Instagram, it’s actually good as it’s own community for the more ‘friends’ you have within the app, you can have comic strips with you and them in action together in ‘Add a Costar’! There is also an option that shows you solo strips of your friends and what actions they are partaking in. All in all, this app is super cool to just have some fun or kill some time with!!!!


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Bitstrips in Education:

Bitstrips for Schools from Bitstrips on Vimeo.

Bitstrips For Web Media:

Bitstrip – Life as a Web Media Producer by bmdposse