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I know it’s just preseason, but it will still be an interesting match-up.  Jason Terry will make his preseason debut Wednesday night (back from surgery on his knee) in Boston (Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce will not play).  Check out what Jason had to say about his return after the jump…




“It’s gonna be great, getting back out there with my teammates,” Terry said Sunday. “I’ve been out there in practice the last couple days. Everything’s been going fine, no setbacks. So just being able to get out there in real live game action, it’s gonna be good.”

“It’s gonna be fun,” Terry said of making his return to Boston. “For me, I was only there a year. The fans were great, the city was good to me. There’s no hard feelings or ill-emotions. I’m gonna see some of my friends; Avery Bradley’s almost like a brother to me. Seeing him will be good.”

Terry does not know how many minutes he will play Wednesday night.

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On Garnett & Pierce not playing via ESPN:

“As of right now, those two won’t play in Boston,” Kidd said. “They’ll play in the final (preseason) game (in Miami on Friday).”

Pierce said he probably wouldn’t travel to Boston, though Kidd said he hasn’t talked with Pierce or Garnett about travel.

“I’d rather do it once than twice,” Pierce said of making his return to Boston.

The Nets visit the Celtics for the first time in the regular season on Jan. 26.

Pierce said he’s not exactly looking forward to playing in Boston because he knows it’ll be emotional and expects to shed a tear or two.