After Greek police raided the camp of a Gypsy family and discovered that there was a recognizable difference between 4 year old “Maria” and the rest of her alleged family, the questions and investigation sparked for the real story behind the little girl, hit the jump for more details!

Adriela Batista

The green eyed, blonde hair child was found in the Roma residence near Farsala, central Greece, after authorities arrived upon the Gypsy settlement in search of drugs and weapons, yet discovered the out of place toddler.

The gypsy couple gave a series of confusing stories about the child, but ultimately claimed that the significantly different looking child was theirs. She was one out of 6 children that they couple allege to have had during a 10 month span. hmmm unless there are twins/triplets, etc involved I’m not sure how that happened but thats their story and their sticking with it!

The young child was DNA tested and after proving that the child in fact did not belong to that family, the search for her real parents began by authorities. Now thousands have joined in to help find the her biological parents.

The head of the Roma (Gypsy) association in central Greece responded with rage ad defensively stating that the couple ad served as a miracle for the little girl, being that they allege she is treated better by this family than her biological parents.

“The brother of the man claiming to be Maria’s father repeated the defence that she had been given to them lawfully after her birth,” reports BBC; yet social workers investigating the case believe that she was kidnapped by the family and forced to beg on streets or involved in possible sex rings.

Overall the search continues for the true story behind the anonymous little girl, shockingly two families who have been in search of family members matching the description, have responded to her European search.