Listen, they are driving me crazy with this madness! LOL! I’m so ready for this movie to be cast, made and in theaters like, YESTERDAY! Charlie Hunnam quit on us 50 Shades of Grey lovers and so, the studio had to call on another Christian Grey. Drum roll please…Hit the jump and check out what to expect with this guy.

JaaiR (JR)

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Irish actor and former Calvin Klein model, Jamie Dornan has taken over the set. If I could be so frank, I DON’T SEE IT! Cute, YES! What I envisioned as Christian, NO! The studios bought in only two men to be tried out for this role – Billy Magnussen and Doran. If I have to play Christian Grey myself, I will. Let’s just get this done people. LOL! It’s being said that the movie will be out Aug. ’14, but I see a push back in the future. What are your thoughts?! Is Dornan THE ONE?!