BBM Android
Almost unbelievable since the device Blackberry is damn near extinct, but at least 1 part of the company that once was king of the smartphones shall live on!!

Tat Wza

If you don’t already know, Blackberry tried rolling out BBM to iOS and Android a few weeks back to only NOT, but once they did, in the 1st 24 hours Blackberry say they got 10 million downloads! Now what does that mean for Blackberry? In my opinion, absolutely nothing, the device it’s self has very few people still on it, the last line has about $1B left in stock, and a few of carriers stop carrying it. Blackberry, the company, needs to figure out how to section off it’s products, like BBM, to let their legacy live on!

I personally would LOVE for Apple to buy Blackberry and put iOS on a keyboard device, that would Rock! But it feels like Android is already staking claim as people are booting it up on the berry’s. Only the future can tell!!
By the way, I know I’m rough on blackberry, but you have to give credit where credit is due!

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