I think we can all agree that Wale is very, uh…”in touch” with his emotions. To a fault, more often than not. He’s had his fair share of arguments, Twitter meltdowns and even a deleted page or 2 in his past, and this weekend, he added another page deletion to his resume. The question is…why?

Many are speculating that it stems from a diss track made by a former colleague of the MMG rapper’s, but…I don’t know. All a deleted page would be doing is giving the dude (Southeast Slim, aka Sace) more shine, and who wants that? To be honest, I didn’t even want to make this post because it seems like dude and his measly 5k following is RELISHING in the attention, and that’s just corny! But alas, I have a duty to report the latest word on the street to you guys, so here it is!

Marisa Mendez

Wale and Slim both attended Virginia State University together years back, and were pretty tight in the early 2000’s, as they both were from the DMV and had a love for music. According to Slim, he produced a LOT of Wale’s music early on, but as Wale shot to fame, he left Slim in the dust. Naturally, he’s not happy about it.

Last week, Slim released a new track called “Forever Hitter Quitter,” taking aim at Wale for not helping those that helped him and basically forgetting where he came from.

“If anyone knows Southeast (aka Sace) they know that there was a point in time when he and Wale were “thick as thieves” on the DC Hip Hop Scene,” Slim wrote in the description of the song (in third-person…how cute.) “Then something “happened.” Nobody really knows what “happened,” but Wale blew up and Sace, kinda, didn’t. Sace touches on a few topics in this track that may have contributed to his “time” coming now and not “earlier”.”

Wale’s account was deleted shortly after the song’s release. So, could it have been merely poor timing and have nothing to do with Slim? Quite possibly! But time will soon tell, as I’m sure Wale will eventually be back, as usual!

Source: AHH