Ummm, This is beyond ridiculous, especially coming out of California, the state where Tech lives! Apparently they have idiotic law out there about ‘Monitors being in site of a driver’, and also apparently that includes Google Glass.

Tat Wza

People in California are testing out Tech that the rest of America will enjoy and hlep the economy, how the F**k does this idiotic a** think this ticket is even reasonable?! I mean I really do try and respect law enforcement as a good bit of them put their lives on the line for the average person, but there is always that 1 A**hole that is overly feeling himself and makes a bad example for all of them. And as far as the safety angle, I’ve worn Google Glass, they are no more distracting then wearing a Hands Free device for your phone! Come on Overzealous face!! Isn’t that the point of Google Glass and wearable Tech as a whole, being Hands Free?!? Let’s talk about this on Twitter!!