The Los Angeles International Airport has been evacuated after reported gunshot was heard fired at Terminal 3 this morning, the gunman has been apprehended and at least one Transportation Security Administration agent has been reported to have died, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Update: 5 in total have been reported injured, 2 TSA agents, sadly one of the TSA agents has been pronounced dead due to the gunman’s open fire. The armed gunman 23 year old Paul Ciancia, dressed in camouflage fired through a TSA screening area and headed towards the terminal and continued shooting. Soon after he was taken down with a high powered rifle, by airport officials at about 9:30 a.m., it is still unknown how the suspected gunman was able to get through security, armed. Fox news has reported in their news conference that “the suspect is connected to TSA in some way,” HuffPost Prosecutors have filed murder charges against Ciancia, where he could possibly face the death penalty.

An immediate evacuation was prompted after an unknown incident occurred, where shots were heard by passengers surrounding the terminal:

“Details surrounding the incident were not immediately clear, but passengers reported being evacuated from the terminal sometime after 9 a.m. There were eyewitness reports of a shooting, but those reports were not immediately confirmed by Fox News. One witness said a person with a gun opened fire after getting through a security checkpoint,” reports FoxNews

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