IFWT Rice x Moss

Here’s how a twitter troll started beef between two of the greatest wide receivers of all time.  Athletes get hate tweets from various people all the time and unfortunately Jerry Rice decided to subtweet the troll rather than @ him.

Shay Marie

So @firstand10nixon wrote to Jerry Rice telling him that Randy Moss is the better wide receiver.  Rice responded by tweeting “Stupidity Randy Moss wake the f*ck up!”.  People on twitter had no idea what was written to Rice so it looked like a random jab at Moss.

Moss later responded with a tweet about haters and of course twitter took it from there.  Even Deion Sanders got involved.  After going through mentions I came across @firstand10nixon who not only fessed up to his tweet but was bragging about causing the beef.

In conclusion my advice to celebs on twitter DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!