The man who shot up a mall in Paramus, NJ has been found dead! Identified as, Richard R. Shoop, the 20-year-old was found with a self-inflicted gun wound to the head, around 3:20am Tuesday [11/5] morning. Shoop’s body was found in a blocked off, construction site inside the mall, with a note.
Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli and Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg says at a press conference, that they believe, Shoop was after one person in particular whom was not even inside of the mall at the time. Whew!
Prior to finding his body, police raided the shooter’s home where they found his father. After he was guns and dropped to the ground, the father yelled, “Is this because of my son Richard at the mall? I am heartbroken over this! He called me! This is my f**king kid! You have no f**king idea what I’m going through! Just imagine if this was one of your kids.” Sad situation.

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A man dressed in full body armor with a rifle reportedly emptied shots in Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey at approximately 9:30 P.M. The shooting began on the second floor of Nordstrom and branched out into the main mall area, according to Twitter reports.

A NY law enforcement source confirmed that the active shooter is “dressed in all black body armor. Numerous shots were fired. Perp was last seen near the Apple Store in the mall.” The source also added that the shooter has been using his weapon to shoot out security cameras.

Witnesses on the scene are saying they heard about five shots fired, but police officials are only confirming one because only one shell case has been recovered from the crime scene.

There is currently no word on the gunman’s current whereabouts, but police have confirmed that it is no longer an “active shooting” situation. Stay tuned as this story unfolds and check out some of the footage we’ve obtained from different mall-goers that were on the scene in the gallery.


Let’s pray nobody was hurt during the shooting.

Source: FOX