Chief Keef

Apparently, jail’s that ish Chief Keef DOES like, because he can’t seem to stay away from it! After being sentenced to 20 days behind bars last month for failing a drug test while on probation, he’s failed once again and has been sentenced to another 90 days. This one should at least last a little longer than last month’s bid, as he ended up only doing 10 days for good behavior.

The teen rapper was clearly unfazed by the situation, as he casually posted via Tweegram, “Judge Putting me Back in jail See y’all later.” What was even more hilarious about his Tweegram of sorts was that he just typed the message in iMessage and screen shot it, and you can see all of his recently-used Emojis. They say you can tell a lot about someone just by that recently-used tab, and clearly, this guy goes through a wide range of emotions and hand gestures (likely gang signs, lol) and likes guns, weed and cars. Sounds about right! LOL! Check it out in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez