This girl is a WILD CHILD! Talking to ELLE Magazine for their December issue, Banks gives the world a little bit more of who she really is. She calls herself the, “weave queen,” …lol…informs us of her living situation [Washington Heights] and how Kanye and herself are the, “same person.” Well, if you believe it, you can achieve it. Hit the jump to see what this statement entails.

JaaiR (JR)

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When asked about Kanye, Azealia states, “Kanye is a genius. Kanye and I are like the same person but boy and girl.” Is she on her way yet? “We’re pulling from the same cloud, the same inspiration. We’re both Geminis, we’re the two premier avant gardists in hip hop music. It’s just me and him. I think our consciousnesses are swirling around each other in some weird kind of way,” Azealia adds. “Weird?” Hit that on the nail.