Ciara & Future

While Drake and Future’s “Would You Like A Tour?” made a stop in ATL, Ciara became BFF and flicked it up with her soon-to-be hubby’s baby moms, Brittni and India, and his sister, Tia. This has got to be the most IDEAL (but super awkward) situation ever. All of Future’s chicks were hanging out and flexin’ for the gram with the kids, referring to each other as “#family.” Hit up the gallery to see this big old family affair live in action.


Not going to lie, this story made me feel a little uncomfortable at first but in all reality, that is the dopest situation I’ve ever heard of in my life. Having ALL your baby moms cool? Future– YOU HAVE IT MADE! That just basically alleviates any type of drama that could possibly stem from past relationships. Ciara gets brownie points for that one. Now we know why Future put that big ol’ rock on her finger! I wonder if they all get the mina… nah nevermind. LOL!