IFWT_Epic App for slow motion
Ok I have a great story here! My peoples over at Viddy, yes Viddy, one of the 1st and best social video platforms, hit me up to let me know they have a new App on the market! The App “Epic” is all about Slow Motion video, which has been becoming popular with those that purchased the iPhone 5S and it’s built in Slo-Mo Cam, well Viddy didn’t think twice and used the idea to make a stand alone app. The best part is you don’t need a 5S to now have slow motion!

Tat Wza

Ok, Epic is it’s own social platform that that allows you to shoot about 4 seconds of video that converts into slow motion, then making the video 8 seconds. ONce posted in your Epic feed, you can share to Twitter(Buy Stock Now: TWTR), Facebook, Youtube, and of course Viddy! You can also save the video to your camera roll, which makes it perfect for sharing slow motion with you IG following as well!
Now in the feed it’s self, you can follow people, like their vids, or flag as in appropriate. I would like to suggest they make it where you can share other Epic vids besides your own, but I’m sure hat will come as they grow!

Here’s an example I posted to my IG:

Download the app yourselves and let me know how you feel about it, But it’s only on iOS for now!

Epic App