Singer Ciara recently got engaged to her boo-thang Future and the rumor mill has been going crazy with word that Ci-Ci might be prego, which would make her baby mother #3 for Future. However, after Ciara posted flicks hanging out with her fiancee’s two baby mamas, the blog world has been having a field day (but can you really blame us?)

Apparently Ci was NOT feeling the blogs poking fun at her very….odd relationship with her soon-to-be husband’s other baby moms. She started firing shots at all the “ghetto blogs” for laughing at her strange little family situation she has going on over there, and one of Future’s BMs even RT’d it. Check the gallery to see what the “Body Party” singer had to say.


I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s dope that they can all get along as one big happy family. But let’s face reality here– THAT SH*T IS WEIRD AS HELL. C’mon Ci-Ci, you know there is not one thing normal about being all buddy-buddy with your current man’s ex f*ck buddies who he happened to knock up unexpectedly. SUPER AWKWARD. But hey, to each their own.