Lebron is not happy with the performance of his teammates so far this early NBA season and he is letting them know it. Not many people expected the Heat to be 4-3 through their first seven games, and obviously Lebron is no exception. While speaking with reporters after practice today, he ripped into his teammates, but also included himself as to the reason things have not gone so smooth so far. Hit the jump for more.


“It’s simple,” James said as the Heat prepared for Tuesday’s home game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “These first seven games, we’re playing like s— defensively. It’s that simple. We’re not a sugarcoat team. We came in and got right down to it. We’re terrible on defense, and we’ve got to change that.”

The Heat are ranked near the bottom of the league currently on the defensive side of the ball, which is surprising considering who they have on that roster. Bron then tried to end things on a positive note.

“We’re playing good basketball at times, but besides the Chicago game, we haven’t played a full game,” James said. “But the good thing about this team, we came right in here and knew exactly what kind of work day it was going to be. Spoelstra gave it to us direct. We all like constructive criticism. We got on each other and we probably had one of the best practices we’ve had in a while.”

This is just an early season type of thing. Any NBA fan with a brain knows the problems with the Heat and Lebron will not last.