Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall ticked off the Detroit Lions when he referred to his division rivals as “little brothers” and called their defense “borderline illegal”.  Marshall even took a shot at the city telling them to fix their financial problems.  Well of course they weren’t going to let that slide and some of the players fired back.

Shay Marie

“If you want to go after somebody, we standing right here,” guard Rob Sims said, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN.com.  “We ain’t running from nobody.  The city and what it’s going through, there’s no reason to attack that.  That’s a different situation.  A lot of people are hurting off that, so there’s no reason for him to come at that.”

Center Dominic Raiola laughed it off.

“I think the writing’s on the wall right there,” Raiola said.  “So who’s the big brother, who’s the little brother?  It’s .500 [since Marshall joined the Bears], it’s 50-50.”

Running back Reggie Bush, who played with Marshall in Miami and considers him a friend, was pragmatic.

“You know what’s funny is that I have a little brother and growing up, I was always like the older brother, pushing him around a little bit, and now he’s 6-foot-7,” Bush said.  “There’s no more pushing him around anymore.  He can hang with me.  At some point in time, the little brother always grows up and ends up being the bigger brother.”

For now, the Lions are indeed the bigger brother.  And the Bears won’t get another crack at their little/big brother until the postseason — if that soon.