Trinidad James has started some s**t! After doing a New York show last night, the lover of sneakers stated that down south rappers run NY! I’m all for opinions, but there is a time, place and way of saying and doing everything. One NYC rapper in particular is not feeling this!
This morning I glanced at #MY twitter where I saw that Maino was really feeling some type of way about TJ’s comments and how New York responded. “S/O to all the NY niggas who let this Rotten Teeth nigga @TrinidadJamesGG disrespect us lastnite! #whathappened…” The, “What Happened” emcee then went on to tweet, “Somebody wake @TAXSTONE up tell’em this nasty mouth nigga @TrinidadJamesGG is on the menu. #whathappened.”
Well, TJ got wind of these tweets and had a response, but this is Maino…he wasn’t finished. Hit the jump for the exchange.

JaaiR (JR)

Words are in the gallery ABOVE!