PINEAPPLES! In case you haven’t heard, Rob Ford is the mayor in Toronto who’s recent actions have placed him in a tasteless light. The mayor was accused of requesting that he give oral pleasuring to a female staff AND doing that CRACK! Taking the Shaggy song to another plateau, Ford denied, denied and denied some more – until last week. The man caught on tape begging to kill someone, said that he’d tried crack about a year ago in a, “drunken stupor.” Somehow, after taking a look at multiple photos of the dude, he’s lying!
As far as the staff allegations, Ford’s since cleared that up in the most outrageous way [down bottom], but the kicker of it all is that his antics has him a television show! CRAY! Hit the jump for the details.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget, check out the gallery! Those faces!

The show is set to be called, “Ford Nation,” and will be focused around Rob and his brother, Doug Ford – a city council member. Doug was quoted saying, “Rob is like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh,” because he doesn’t have a muzzle. You just never know what the man will say. So, with a radio talk show of theirs ending, his words have got him a television show to begin. Um Um Ummmmm…