An intense storm hitting Illinois and surrounding regions, quickly picked up in speed and formed an unexpected Tornado, ultimately creating chaos hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Around 53 million people across 10 Midwestern states were affected by an intense storm that hit this Sunday, stated U.S. weather officials.

“A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” was spotted near Washington, Illinois, located about 145 miles (233 kilometers) southwest of Chicago, and came out of a fast-moving storm system that was headed toward Chicago and threatened a large swath of the Midwest with dangerous winds, thunderstorms and hail, U.S. weather officials said.” HP

The weather service reached out to residents and warned states in reach of the heavy storm , which many seem to believe is the Southern part of the state, “you are in a life-threatening situation …. take cover now.”

Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri were amongst the states receiving the critical warning, “Weather officials urged residents of areas with tornado warnings in place to take cover in interior, low-floor rooms of study buildings.”

The Chicago Department of Aviation has officially cancelled flights departing or entering the state, ordering a ground stop for the O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport.